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Safe Families Safe Homes Training Initiative Resource Area

Safe Families Safe Homes Project Overview

The Safe Families Safe Homes curriculum is a valuable program tool that was designed to help Head Start/Early Head Start (EHS) programs, and their community partners, address and mitigate the effects of domestic violence in the lives of young children and their families.

Research shows that many Head Start children are exposed to various forms of violence, including domestic violence, child abuse, and community violence. EHS research shows that programs serve many families experiencing family violence and that certain psychological risk factors such as domestic violence, may present real challenges for staff in working with families. Providing opportunities for Head Start/EHS staff to improve their knowledge and skills in responding to domestic violence is, therefore, an important strategy for programs. Head Start programs, child welfare agencies, and domestic violence victims' service providers are important partners in addressing these risks for children, and these partnerships require thoughtful diligence, hard work and continued commitment.

The goals of this Domestic Violence curriculum are to:

  • Deliver a family-focused, interactive and integrated training approach that capitalizes on the expertise and experience of both the participants and the facilitator-instructors
  • Sensitize those who work with children and/or families to the causes, dynamics and consequences of domestic violence and other abuse issues on the child and family
  • Promote communication and collaboration between Head Start and other area service providers to result in improved local practice around domestic violence.

Support Materials

The following resources were designed to serve as tools in implementing the Safe Families Safe Homes curriculum within your state collaboration. Please use the detailed statistics and resource information provided in each state-specific packet to enhance your training presentation. The materials are organized in the following categories:

  • 2009 Safe Families Safe Homes Fact Sheet [PDF]
  • 2009 Evaluation Summary [PDF]
  • 2011 Safe Families Safe Home Curriculum (Updated) [PDF]
  • 2011 Safe Families Safe Homes Power Point Training Slides
    • Session 1 [PPT]
    • Session 2 [PPT]
    • Session 3 [PPT]
    • Session 4 [PPT]
    • Session 5 [PPT]
    • Session 6 [PPT]
    • Session 7 [PPT]
    • Session 8 [PPT]
    • Session 9 [PPT]
  • 2011 State Specific Packets
    • Alabama [PDF]
    • Florida [PDF]
    • Michigan [PDF]
    • Montana [PDF]
    • South Carolina [PDF]
  • Topical Enrichment Webinar Recordings and Handouts (forthcoming)
  • Other Relevant Resources (forthcoming)

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